Red Pitcher Plant

Red Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes rafflesiana

Native to: Southern Asia

Type: Lowland Tropical Pitcher Plant


  • This plant is carnivorous, trapping and digesting small insects in its pitchers, adapted from low nutrient soils.
  • The modified leaves form a hollow structure that appear as pitchers with a deep cavity with a pool of water at the base.  The plant secretes digestive enzymes that digest the prey once it’s trapped in the liquid pool.
  • The rim of the pitcher secretes nectars, which attract the prey into the pitcher.

Look For:

  • Pitchers: hanging leaves that form hollow tubular pitchers
  • Rim of the pitcher. Note its waxy surface, which causes insects to slip into the pitcher
  • If pitchers are living,  ook inside and note features


(picture: )


(Picture: )

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