African Violet

African Violet Saintpaulia

Native to: Eastern Africa such as Tanzania and Kenya

Flowers: The flowers of the African violet are purple-colored and grow in clusters. They are complete flowers, and are pollinated in nature by a specific species of bee native to Africa. In households, self-pollination of the flower can occur but healthier seeds form if cross-pollination is done by insects or gardeners (

Fruit: The fruit of the African violet is an extended seed-containing capsule that emerges after fertilization. In nature, the seeds are dispersed either by herbivores or by being carried by water (

Adaptations: The African violet has thick, hairy leaves that allow it to tolerate dry environments (

Human Uses: Human’s use the plant mostly for decoration. The African violet is the most popular houseplant in the United States. The African violet is such a popular plant to grow because it grows best at normal room temperatures and can tolerate not being watered very frequently (

Interesting Facts:

– The African Violet is often referred to as “America’s favorite houseplant”.

– The hairs on the leaves help to absorb water from the atmosphere.

– The African violet can be maintained in almost constant bloom if its growth conditions are optimized with proper light, nutrients, temperature, and water.

-New African violets can be propagated from leaf clippings.



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