Color Top Cactus

Color Top Cactus (Moon Cactus)

gymnocalycium mihanovicii

type: horticultural plant

The Moon Cactus is the red spherical succulent cactus at the top of this plant. The moon cactus does not produce its own chlorophyll, and needs to be grafted onto a fast growing cactus to live ( Hyloceras in this case).

Look For:

  • The succulent body of this cactus with the spines covering it for protection

Interesting Facts

  • The moon cactus can not live on its own, and is grafted to the base plant (vascular systems connected)
  • The red color is due to the absence of chlorophyll in this plant
  • This appearance is similar to when you see red leaves in the fall.  During the fall, the chlorophyll in the leaves is breaking down and the red color appears.
  • The plant produces pink flowers (see picture)




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