Devil’s Ivy

Scientific Name: Epipremnum aureum

Other Common Names: Golden Pothos, Ceylin Creeper, Hunter’s Robe, and Joseph’s Coat

Native Range: Solomon Islands

Flowers: Small and enclosed in “spathes” or leaf sheath

Pollination: Insect Pollinated

Interesting Aspects: Devil’s Ivy is commonly grown as a house plant because of the vine growth pattern of the plant.  In its native range the plant can grow to lengths of 40 feet, climbing trees or blanketing the forest floor.  The leaves of the plant when grown as a decorative house plant usually grow to 4 inches long, but can reach sizes of 30 inches long in native varieties.  The USDA has declared Devil’s Ivy as an invasive plant in the tropical regions of Florida, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Pictures of Devil’s Ivy:

Devil's Ivy

di2Wild Devil’s Ivy:









References and Photo Credits:


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