Mexican Hens

Echeveria shaviana

Also known as: Pink frills, Mexican hen, and Chicks

Pink Frills

Pink Frills


Echeveria shaviana is characterized by the pink coloring on its edges that become more frilly with age. It is thought to be one of the most attractive species of succulents.

Native Range:

Can be found in semi-desert areas of Central America, from Mexico to northwestern South America. Echeveria is used to high altitudes with dry air, and cool night temperatures.


The Echeveria Shaviana has succulent fleshy leaves. These thick fleshy leaves are important for water storage in hot arid climates. In addition the color of the leaves may also change with time. The leaves display a range from light purple, silvery blue, and green.




Flowers appear at the ends of steams and are pink with yellow centers. Flowers usually appear in late summer.

Mexican Hens Flowering

Mexican Hens Flowering


The echeveria is capable of being propagated. One can remove a lower leaf from the center. If you let the leaf sit for a couple of days they may begin forming roots which can then be planted.


The genus Echeveria is named after the 18th century Spanish botanist Atanasio Echeverria Codoy.


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