Portulaca molokiniensis

‘Ihi is a succulent that grows to an average height of 1 foot with 3/4 inch thick round, corky stem. It should be grown in full sunlight to partial shade in well drained soils. This plant is a rare endemic to Hawaii usually found  growing in loose volcanic scree or in sand.

Native to: Hawaii

leaves:  leaves are long, rounded and pale green that grow 1-2 inches long. They are arranged in four distinct rows towards the  branch tips

Flowers: The flowers are cup shaped, bright lemon yellow and have a year round blooming period. They arise on a stalk that comes out of the uppermost leaves and each individual flower only lasts for one day.

Fruit/seed: The fruits are 1/4 of an inch and are capsules shaped like pointed eggs and are filled with dark-brown to black, slightly sticky seeds. The capsules will  split open when they are ripe.

seed dispersal: seeds are typically broken off by humans or animals and then are dispersed unknowingly. Water also can break off the seeds and allow it to be washed into other areas.

pollination: Biotic pollination: this is when the pollen from the male flowers is brought to the female flowers by the pollen being stuck on an animal vectors body.

Size: about 1 to 1 1/2 feet tall and just as wide

This plant is mainly used as a decorative plant because of it’s interesting leaf arrangement. It is a moderately drought tolerant plant. The main problem with this plant is that it rots when excess water is on the leaves constantly.

photo portucalaleavesfruitseed






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