Madagascar Dragon Tree

Scientific Name: Dracaena marginata

Native Range: Madagascar

Flowers: Small white flowers in early spring

Seed Dispersal: Dispersed as small, deep yellow fruits

Pollination:  Insect Pollination

Interesting Aspects:  Many varieties of the Madagascar Dragon Tree are available on the commercial market as house plants for decoration, constituting the majority of human use.  The plant is sold in four major varieties including an original variety and the three developed variants of tri-color, colorama, and “tarzan” .  The one on display from the UST Greenhouse most closely resembles the original variety, displaying pink color on the edges of the leaves.  This color fades if the plant receives too little light.  Native Madagascar Dragon Trees can grow to 15-20′, but house varieties usually only reach 6′ and also do not flower.

Madagascar Dragon Tree Varieties in Descending Order:

Original variety (Top), tri-color (2nd down), colorama (3rd down), tarzan (bottom

Original mdt

Dracaena-marginata-large-tarzan  Madagascar Dragon Tree Flowersmdt flowers



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