Moon Orchid

Moon Orchid

Phalaenopsis amabilis

Native to: Eastern and Southeastern Asia

See: Orchids


  • Like many orchids, the Moon Orchid can grow as an epiphyte (see picture below).  This allows the plant to grow high up in the canopy of the forests. The Moon Orchid is characterized by a short stem, which is believed to be an adaptation to gain light requirements needed to grow.
  • The Moon Orchid is characterized by bright white flowers. These flowers attract pollinators, such as bees, needed for reproduction. These flowers can also appear as a light purple or pink.
  • Like many orchids, this plant can grow as an epiphyte. In a tropical setting, the thick leathery leaves allow protection against constant rainfall.
  • Depending on the environment, there a number of adaptations the Moon Orchid has to its advantage. In dry environments (e.g Outside of the Himalayas), the plant is able to shed its leaves to reduce water loss. In cold environments, the plant can experience a dormant rest period. In tropical environment (similar to the Greenhouse), the plant grow thicker leaves that prevent dryness and tolerate higher levels of light.

Look For:

  • Flowers. The Moon Orchid’s flowers, if in bloom, are a vivid white that grow from a stem. (See Picture).

Interesting Facts:

  • The Moon Orchid is one of the three National Flowers of Indonesia

photo 1

Moon Orchid Growing as an epiphyte:




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