Mother of Thousands

Mother of Thousands

Kalanchoe daigremontiana

Native to: Madagascr

Adaptive Features:

  • Vegetative Propagation: small plantlets arise from the edges of the leaves, that will drop and create new plants.
  • The succulence of the leaves allows for water storage and low surface to volume ratio for the dry environment.
  • This leave produces a toxin that can be fatal to grazing animals
  • This plant undergoes a specialized form of photosynthesis that allow the pores to open at night and store the carbon until sunlight is available to undergo photosynthesis. This allows the plant to retain its water by keeping its pores closed during the day (CAM Photosynthesis)



Look for:

  • Plantlets on the edge of the leaves that are involved in propogation
  • Succulent leaves that allow for water storage

Interesting facts:

  • The plants toxins can be fatal to small pets and infants
  • The plantlets start producing roots while still on the plant
  • This plant produces bell-shaped pink flowers




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