Family: Orchidaceae

Orchids are a diverse group of flowering plants found all over the world. The flowers usually are composed of 3 petals, with one forming a “lip” (see picture below).

Adaptive features:

  • Orchids have a variety of highly specialized pollination systems with insects, including flowers that resemble insects themselves to attract insects as pollinators
  • Orchids have adapted to a variety of climates, and can be found almost anywhere on earth.
  • Orchids have a very fine pollen that finds its way to many surfaces
  • Some Orchids grow as epiphytes, growing on top of other organisms, sometimes high up in the forest canopy

Interesting Facts:

  • A single pod of seeds can contain 3 million seeds
  • Orchids are very diverse and are believed to be the largest family of flowering plants
  • Vanilla is a commercially grown orchid


(Picture: www.ctu.edu.vn )


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