Pachypodium lamerei

P. lamerei

Native Range: This succulent, perennial plant is native to the island of Madagascar.

Adaptations: Intense sunlight and low water. However, does not tolerate frost and may drop leaves even if slightly exposed.

Leaves: Long, narrow leaves grow only at the top like a palm tree which grow 10-40 cm long

Trunk: Tall, silvery-gray. Spikes are about 6 cm long and cover the entire trunk.

Flowers: Star shaped (5 petals) and white with a yellow “throat.” Lightly fragrant, they grow in clusters  at the top of the trunk and reach 25-65 mm long by 17-41 mm wide.

Pollination: Done by moths due to the depth of the flower. This excludes other insects from acting as pollinators.

Fruit: Reddish brown and oblong (15 x 4 cm), always grow in pairs

Seed Dispersal: At maturity, the fruit splits open to reveal many seeds. These have a “tuft” on them to aid in wind dispersion

Fruits and seeds

Fun Facts:

  • This plant is highly toxic and has been used to make poison arrows
  • It is a popular landscape plant in arid environments

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