Queen Sago

Queen Sago

Cycas circinalis

Native to: India

Type: Cycad, type of Gymnosperm


  • The plant produces neurotoxins that can paralyze or even kill animals that graze on the plant.

Look For:

  • Leaves, note the spiny stem with protruding leaves
  • Note the top of the plant, where a cone forms (see picture)

Interesting Facts:

  • A type of flour can be produced from the seeds of this plant. The seed needs to be prepared in a special way (sun dried, soaked, etc.)t o prevent the toxic effects mentioned above
  • This plant is pollinated by insects, although it does not flower
  • This plant is monoecious, with plants being either completely female or male.
  • Cycads are Gymnosperms, and although they are less common today, they used to make up the landscape and the diet of Dinosaurs in the Jurassic period.

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