Rattlesnake Plant

Calathea lancifoliaFile:Calathea lancifolia cc5.jpg

Native Range: This plant is a perrenial evergreen, native to the rainforests of Brazil

Adaptations: Adapted to low light levels and high soil moisture content.

Leaves: Slender, pale gree. Dark green ovular and circular blotches on top, purple on bottom. Grow to about 45 cm in length

Flowers: Small, yellow/white, and tubular; very inconspicuous. Usually produced in pairs and held on dense stalks above the leaves. Appear in June through August.

Pollination: By bees and other bugs, also attracts hummingbirds

Fruits: The fruit is a very small, insignificant capsule.

Seed Dispersal: The small fruits are collected by ants, a popular method among rain forest plants. This spreads the seeds to a new location.

Fun Facts:

  • Calantheas are popular houseplants due to their hardy nature. They are also known as “prayer plants” or “zebra plants.”
  • These plants are good at removing toxins from the air, especially those caused by cleaning products.
  • They are thought to have been introduced to Hawaii in the early 1970’s

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